Sorry! forgot about this blog



I pick it up a year ago and I think is time for a make over.

1st Gundam update

I haven't post anything for a long time, sorry people. I been having problems with my camera also "it sucks".
For now I'm posting new pictures on this GM that still work in progress.



more of my stash.... getting ready to be build

the two girls

My 21 inch ACER yap! she's an animal... and my 12 inch Sniper wolf from MGS


Work area and some stash

My work area and I know it looks clean for now


King Kai

King Kai on the show

I did this statue of King Kai for a commission work few years ago. I used super sculpey for the entire body and I also made his glasses using scrap parts.

He's about 2feet tall, and fat.lol


My first Gundam #1

My first Gundam kit, I got him during college times. I didn't know much about this hobby, I only knew airplanes, tanks and scifi kits but for a Gundams it is different. I decided to go back an do changes , I already lost some of his pieces it sucks big time. I got give him a new paint job also add another extra pieces.
This is a very special kit for me, him and I went to a rough time over the years never gave him away. I always kept him with me, I look back sometimes..wow! Well he deserves my respects for been there for me on my bad times of my life. Now I'm going to making him look priceless..hmmm!: with many weapons, a nice base and a cool battle damage paint job.
I'll be showing all the defects done from the past, and also new changes as I'm working on him.

Some of the defects I'm fixing at the moment, so much work to do on this guy.

How the box looks like.

Mobile Suit: GX-9900-DV Gundam X D. V. 1/100 scale